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Successfully pass the free certification exam at IW Academy and become an Infinet Certified Engineer.

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Latest InfiNet Wireless Base Stations are packaged with the high-power RMM55-10 radio modules. The RMM55-10 radio module full support has appeared since firmware version "MINTv1.90.17". Due to the various improvements in the firmware, we recommend to use version "MINTv1.90.25" which is available via

The use of older firmware will lead to unstable device operation.

In order to avoid unexpected situation, please follow the recommendations below:

1) When you receive BS which was ordered in 2016, before installation please check that each CPE has the firmware version "MINTv1.90.17"  or newer

2) Information about firmware version you can get from "Maintenance" page in web-interface, or with command "system version" in command line

3) Please pay attention to the SVI interface usage on the BS and CPE to provide management and access

  • Options "admin-group" and "local-tag" are not supported starting with version "MINTv1.90.0"
  • In order to get access to the remote devices via the "Management VLAN" (including "native") you should use a separate switching group with the joined SVI interface


Please check your configuration before the firmware installation, the reference to the procedure: Additional information can be obtained in the Technical Support Service.

4) "Transient" mode (MIMO compatibility with none-MIMO devices) is no longer guaranteed starting with version "MINTv1.90.17".


In case of questions or difficulties please do not hesitate to contact the InfiNet Wireless Technical Support Service