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Successfully pass the free certification exam at IW Academy and become an Infinet Certified Engineer.

To the certification exam

In order to create a diagnostic card use the following commands set:

sys uptime; sys ver; co sh; xgi stat -v -1; ctl; xgu cat-read -temperature; panic show all; sys log show; lic --show=full; xgi capabilities; xgscan -last -q; xgdfs -st; xgdfs -list -q; port dump; port vtt; port stt; port fdb; ifc -a; sys info -full; xgi version; xgu ber-amc-show -1; xgi avail -1; xgu show -synth; tsync; gps; lldp report; ptp stat; wd show -log; xghm -diagnostic-card; xgu shm -rlm-stat; xgu shm -spooler; xgu nco-view-table; xgt -diagnostic-card;