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Overall functionality overview

Web-interface is used for easy device management and monitoring via graphical web-based interface. Web-interface allows:

  • Monitoring device interfaces statistics
  • Monitoring radio link statistics
  • Viewing and changing device configuration
  • Access to graphical antenna alignment tool
  • Running wireless link throughput tests
  • Device maintenance and support
  • Access to Spectrum Analyzer tool
  • Viewing the system log
  • DFS operation monitoring.
  • For detailed information about device configuration through the web-interface please refer to the R5000 WEB GUI User Manual.


In order to run and properly use the application, the following requirements must be met:

  • Web-browser
  • Latest WANFleX OS version installed on the device
  • Web-interface support activated on the device («webcfg start» command) - enabled by default

To connect to the device via Web-browser type: http://<device IP-address> (by default: in your browser.

For a secure SSL-protected connection use https://<device IP-address> (by default: address.


Web-interface supports multiple locale sets, such as: English (default), Russian, Italian, French and Chinese.

Use the Language drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the web-interface window to set up a locale for the current session (the default locale will remain unchanged).

To make permanent locale changes follow the instructions given in the System Settings paragraph of the Basic Settings section.