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The SNMP protocol exposes the management data as variables of the managed units which are queried and set by the network management systems, like InfiMONITOR. In order to be managed and monitored, each unit in the network must run the “agent” software component for reporting the information via SNMP.

By default, the "SNMP agent" is disabled, so the first action to be done before connecting the InfiNet Wireless R5000 unit (with the default configuration) into the network for the monitoring purpose is to enable the "SNMP agent".

This is the first setting that we have to perform within this configuration example. After the authentication, let’s go to "Basic Settings" → "SNMP" menu and then click on the "Access" option:

Figure - SNMP access

In this section, we select the “Start SNMP” corresponding checkbox (in order to enable the "SNMP agent") and unselect “Version 1 enable” corresponding checkbox (in order to disable the SNMPv1, which is enabled in the default configuration). Then click the «Add SNMPv3 User» button and insert your desired SNMP login and password into the “User Name” and “Password” fields and leave the rest of the parameters available in this section with their default values:

Figure - Create SNMPv3 account

In order to finalize the SNMP configuration, click the «Apply» button (at the bottom of the page).

Now, we have the "SNMP agent" active and the SNMPv3 account already created for our unit.