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Testing methodology

Throughput testing was carried out on a laboratory bench, which consists of two radio devices and the communication channel established between them. A device for traffic generation, operating according to RFC2544 standard, is connected to the eth0 interfaces of radio devices.

The traffic generator creates data streams consisting of UDP datagrams with a specified length: in the case of a unidirectional test, one data stream from Master to Slave, in the case of bidirectional, two data streams, from Master to Slave and from Slave to Master. In addition, testing is performed for various modulation code schemes and frame sizes.

Figure - Unidirectional throughput test

Figure - Bidirectional throughput test

Software version

The software version installed on the device affects performance, stability, and the range of features available for configuration. In this section, testing was performed on the following software versions:

  • Software with Polling technology support: ver. 1.90.25 build date 04.08.16
  • Software with TDMA technology support: ver. 2.0.60 build date 14.02.17