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Successfully pass the free certification exam at IW Academy and become an Infinet Certified Engineer.

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InfiMONITOR is a Network Monitoring System that enables the status monitoring for the InfiNet Wireless units from a network operations center. Below are listed its key features:

Reduced system requirements

The installation package is represented by a virtual image with all the software packages preinstalled. Optimal system functionality is ensured with reduced system requirements. For details about the required system resources, please check the Installation of InfiMONITOR.

Automatic discovery

Devices and links can automatically be discovered using the MINT protocol and the configured IP address space. All discovered devices and links will be automatically added in the system. The newest auto discovery method used by InfiMONITOR will be based on SNMP and the MINT proprietary protocol.

By default, the automatic search function is enabled, to check the status or to disable it, proceed to the section "Settings" – > "Discovering".

An important feature of the detection subsystem is to search only within one MINT segment. In case that there are multiple MINT segments in a wireless network, it is necessary to add at least one device from each segment in order to enable automatic detection in the section "Settings" -> "Hosts management".

Multiple network layouts

Dashboards for links, devices and events.

Hosts section

The Devices view lists all the InfiNet units that are added in InfiMONITOR and provides detailed information about each of them.

Links section

The Links view displays all the links between the units and detailed monitoring parameters, such as status, modulation scheme and current load.

Events section

The Events view allows operators to receive information from all the events generated according to the events generation rules. Event status shows the process of the problem resolution, it is set automatically or can be changed by the operator.

In case that an event like a link going down occurs, there is an action that can be taken by InfiMONITOR in order to inform about the change: it sends an e-mail. In order to send a notification via e-mail the monitoring system is connected to a certain SMTP-server and gives it a task for sending. The credentials for connection to this server must be specified in the settings.

Network map section

The network map allows to visually determine the hosts connectivity and to get necessary information about the hosts's and the link's status and their active events. There are two possible logical (topology) and geographical (map) views that can be selected using the button on the right top corner. The geographical view works with Google Maps API.

User friendly

The menus are easy to use, clear and intuitive. To obtain full information about the InfiMONITOR capabilities please proceed to InfiMONITOR - Technical User Manual.

Graphical features

Automatic creation of graphs for key parameters, analysis tools and unlimited history. The graphs permit configurable views (zoom etc) and export as .csv.