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This section describes all the supplies required to install the unit.

Before the installation, please make sure you have all necessary parts and accessories.

Packing List

  • Outdoor Unit
    • Integrated antenna model or connectorized according to the Purchase Order
  • Mounting kit
    • Universal assembling kit for mounting the ODU on standard pole, wall or thick pipe (vertical/horizontal)
  • Indoor power supply (IDU)
    • The model depends on the ODU model
  • Power cord
    • The model depends on the region, according to the Purchase Order
Table - Packing List

Additional Items Required

Parts and Materials

  • External antenna (only for the connectorized ODU models)
  • Low-loss RF cables - CAB-RF-1M cable is recommended (only for the connectorized ODU models)
  • Antenna pole (if necessary)
  • Required grounding circuit, including cables and rods (if these are not already in place at the installation site).


  • Screwdrivers set
  • Pliers/Wrenches
  • Spanners set
  • Compass with bearing/azimuth reading

Optional Accessories

  • AUX-ODU-INJ-G - Injector with lightning protection
  • AUX-ODU-LPU-G or  AUX-ODU-LPU-L - Lightning protection unit


Accessories are available from InfiNet Wireless.

Precautionary Measures


Before you start the installation, please read this section very carefully.

Antennas are installed on the roof tops or on the building walls. This work must be accomplished only by personnel having special skills and experience in this area.

Antennas and cables are electric conductors. Incidental electrostatic strikes may occur during the system installation. This can lead to equipment damage or may hurt the personnel. While installing or changing the elements of the antenna-feeder system, one must make sure that open metal parts are temporarily grounded.

Do not install the antenna close to the electric power lines. Antenna and antenna pole have to be installed in such a way that, during their assembling, disassembling and repairing, they do not have any contact with power lines.

Basic precautionary measures that must be fulfilled during the installation are as follows:

  • Do not stay on the roof top in windy or rainy weather, during thunderstorms or when the working zone is covered with snow or ice
  • Do not touch the antennas, antenna poles, cables and lighting arrestors during thunderstorms
  • Antenna cable must be grounded at all times.

In case of failure, any manipulation of the equipment is allowed to trained personnel only.