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License is a legal instrument governing the use of software. Type of license determines software conditions usage.

Web interface section of InfiMONITOR  "Setting" -> "License" could be used to upgrade license, to check information about license type, to see license limitations and expiration and find information about the current software version.

Figure - License

This section displays the following information:

  • InfiMONITOR version 
  • Expiration date
  • License type:
    • "Free" - free perpetual license for 20 hosts
    • "Trial" - time limited (for one month) license with unlimited number of hosts. A license can be obtained for free via request to the Sales Department. After trial license expiration, "Free" license takes effect
    • "Enterprise" - paid perpetual license with the specified hosts number
  • "The product is licensed to" - the company name
  • E-mail 
  • Total hosts
  • Number of hosts limit
  • Licenses occupied
  • Licenses available.

HOW to obtain license

  1. Contact the Sales Department for the cost and license distribution -
  2. Click the "download the activation key" link to download file and send it to the Sales Department -
  3. Get activation key
  4. Click the "Extend license" link and upload activation key afterwards.


The process above is the same for the license upgade.

License assign and revoke

InfiMONITOR operator can assign and revoke licenses from the hosts in case of "Enterprise" and "Free" licenses.

To assign a license to the host, go to the "Settings" -> "Host management" section, select desired host, right click on it.

In the context menu choose "Activate".

Figure - License activation

If there are no available licenses, an error message pops up. In this case it is necessary to revoke the license from the host for which monitoring can be turned off, and assign it to the desired host.

Figure - Error message

To revoke a license from the host, select desired host with other than "Deactivated" status, right click on it.

In the appeared context menu choose "Deactivate".

Figure - License deactivation

Select desired host, right click on it. In the context menu choose "Activate".