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The main scenario for communication with mobile objects in the mining industry is the following (see Figure 1):

  • The BS is installed along the quarry perimeter, providing entire territory coverage.
  • The CPEs are installed on vehicles. Depending on the requirements for the connection reliability, there are two implementation options: the installation of one subscriber having an antenna with a circular radiation pattern, or the installation of two subscribers on each moving object.
  • The aggregation node is collocated with any of the BS and here the InfiMUX device is installed. The aggregation node and the control center are connected by the main and backup backbone links.

Figure 1 - Communication with mobile objects in the mining industry

The main features of such scenarios relate to the operational characteristics. Infinet outdoor units reliably operate in a wide temperature range and are resistant to temperature extremes, wind load, dust and water.


For mining projects, the following settings are recommended:

  • joining of all BS sectors into a single MINT area using the InfiMUX installed at the aggregation node;
  • nomadic mode;
  • Global function enabled.

Completed projects

The following projects were implemented by Infinet in accordance with the above scenario:

  1. Mission Critical Technology for Kazakhstan’s top coal producer.
  2. Infinet Wireless solve network connectivity challenges for a leading Indonesian mining contractor.