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ProblemDebugging steps; possible cause & solution
There is no access to the local unit1) Check the network connectivity between the monitoring server and the local unit
2) If there’s still no connectivity to the local unit, go on site to the location of the local unit and check if:
  • it is powered on (else, check the AC power supply, the IDU, the Ethernet cables/fiber optic and connectors)
  • the local connection (for example, using a laptop) works (else, follow the ERC console procedure described below)

If local connection is allowed, after the authentication step in Web GUI, check the administrative and operational status of the Ethernet/SFP port. Enable the port if found disabled

3) If the problem is still not solved, go to the Switch page, check the port interconnection and make sure that traffic is enabled between the corresponding external and internal ports. Check the VLAN configuration if VLANs are used. Reboot the unit
Table - No access to the local unit