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Successfully pass the free certification exam at IW Academy and become an Infinet Certified Engineer.

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Сonnecting third-party equipment via Ethernet (switches, PCs), make sure the PoE, Energy Efficient Ethernet and Green Ethernet functions are disabled on the network interfaces connected to Infinet devices.

Web management is enabled by default so, in order to access the unit via Web browser (start the graphical user interface), type in the address bar: http://<unit IP address>.


 The default management IP address is and it can be used for initial login. Make sure you have network connectivity to the unit.


The system allows concurrent login sessions via Web interface.

On the login page, you can type any username and any password and click "Login". For example, “User name: user” and “Password: pass” like below.

Figure - Web GUI login


Please change the credentials you have just inserted with a permanent username and password for it after the first log in.

The default language is English. After the authentication step, the language can be changed into Russian.

You can access the unit via HTTPS (HTTP with SSL only) using InfiNet Wireless self-signed certificate (from the "General" menu of Web interface - "Allow HTTPS Only"). The «HTTPS Connection» link is available in the right side of the «Login» button like in the picture above.