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The Quanta 5 firmware upgrade has a following specific: it is necessary to check the compliance of the frequencies used with the regulatory domain restrictions, which appear in version 2.0.0. In the automatic center frequency selection mode, in case the frequency grid is wider than the range allowed by the regulatory domain, this will be detected immediately after the upgrade, as a result the link will remain in the "Init" state. To restore the connection, manually correct the configuration by narrowing the frequency grid or changing the regulatory domain.


In order to establish the link, make sure the firmware version is the same on the both devices.

To upgrade to version 2.0.0 or higher without the loss of the communication, use the following methods.

The best way is to pre-check and adjust the available frequencies grid to meet the requirements of the selected regulatory domain. In this case, the edges of the spectrum at the selected channel width should not go beyond the regulatory domain range. For example, for the FCC_5.8 domain and 56 MHz, the frequency grid should not be wider than 5745-5830. However, calculate the correct frequency grid can be very difficult without prompts that appear in version 2.0.0. Therefore, we offer additional methods for a secure upgrade.

Disable automatic center frequency selection

  1. Disable automatic center frequency on both devices before upgrading. Set the current operating frequencies as fixed.
  2. Make sure the frequency grids of both devices are identical, modify if necessary.
  3. Apply changes and make sure the wireless link is up.
  4. Upgrade the firmware first on the remote device, then on the local one.
  5. After upgrading, select the required regulatory domain, identical on both devices. Then enable automatic center frequency first on the remote device, then on the local one. If necessary, change the frequency grid in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory domain (a hint will appear in the interface).

Configure a wide regulatory domain

Change the regulatory domain to "Rest of the World" on both devices before upgrading which has no regulatory restrictions. Return the required regulatory domains after the upgrade is complete. Please note, in some cases the "Rest of the World" domain may not be available to users.