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SVI interface is a virtual L3 interface. Can be assigned to a switch group to provide the device management using this switch group. Each unit supports 5000 virtual "sviNswitch interfaces (in range 0...4999).

An SVI interface has the following characteristics:

  • Each SVI interface can be assigned to a switch group. Once assigned the interface becomes an active member of that switch group and can exchange traffic with other group members. All traffic ingressed by this switch group (depending on the rules set) that is addressed to this SVI interface as well as all broadcast and multicast packets will be processed by the unit. 
  • Each SVI interface can have one or several IP addresses configured.
  • An SVI interface can act as a parent interface for VLAN virtual interfaces. In this case the VLAN interface also becomes a member of the switch group assigned to the parent SVI interface - not recommended.
  • An SVI interface (or any other interface that uses it as a parent interface) can not be included into a switch group directly.
  • An SVI interface can be used for channel aggregation using lag interfaces..
  • An SVI interface is considered active once it is up and assigned to a switch group.

Following command allows to create the SVI interface and assign an IP address to it:

ifconfig sviN IP_ADDR up


In order to set communication with other devices via protocols, that utilize the broadcast/multicast packets (such as OSPF, RIP, DHCP) use one of two options:

  • Use only the IP address assigned to the SVI interface, if the traffic enters a switch group that has an SVI interface.
  • It is possible to use the IP address assigned to the physical interface (radio or Ethernet), if this interface is not included in the switch group, or there is no SVI interface in the switch group.

Otherwise, communication between the devices will not be established.


svi N group G [addpri|setpri N|-1] 
svi N clear




Identifier of the SVI interface to configure.

group G

Assigns specified SVI interface to the switch group.

  • "G" – switch group identifier

[addpri|setpri N|-1]

Allows to provide priority management.

  • "setpri N" – sets the packet priority with the value "N".
  • "-1" – resets the priority.
  • "addpri" – changes the priority only if new is higher than already available for the package. Thus, the "addpri" parameter allows only to increase the priority.


Removes SVI interface settings.


Set the priority 5 for all the packets passing through the "svi1" interface.

svi 1 setpri 5

Assign "svi100" interface to switch group # 100.

svi 100 group 100