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The DFS configuration based on the principle "Leader/Client". "DFS Leader" is a unit which will perform frequency selection and radar detection functions (exp. base station sector). "DFS Client" is a unit that does not choose the frequency itself but follows "DFS Leader" frequency settings (exp. CPEs). In case of PtP link one unit should be configured as a "DFS Leader" and another one as a "DFS Client". It is recommended to set as a "DFS Leader" the unit that is working in worthier interference conditions.



The command syntax may vary for different device models. Use the "help" command or the "?" symbol to view the syntax available for your device.

Code Block
dfs IFNAME (dfsradar | dfsonly | dfsoff)
dfs IFNAME domain {row | etsi | etsi+ | fcc}
dfs IFNAME freq { auto |"frequency_list"}
dfs IFNAME cot hh:mm
dfs IFNAME newchannel | renewchannel | showmap
dfs IFNAME scansec <seconds>  [1]
dfs IFNAME rescan <minutes>