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The Octopus SDR is an InfiNet Wireless latest development intended to solve a spectrum deficiency problem, to resist hardest interference conditions and to meet the growing performance requirements. The platform is based on the software-defined radio technology, which is designed to increase network performance several times. The Octopus SDR platform combines leading industry innovation and the best features of the R5000 and XG families.

Quanta 5 / Quanta 6

Quanta 5 / Quanta 6 is the newest point-to-point system with impressive spectral efficiency in the 5 and 6 GHz frequency band and throughput up to 460 650 Mbps in the 40 56 MHz channel width.  Quanta 5 combines Devices combine outstanding technical characteristics with low cost and easy installation.

Octopus SDR platform allows to expand the functionality of the physical, link and upper layers by updating the software without dismounting or replacing devices, which makes Quanta 5 / Quanta 6 highly scalable system.

Quanta 5/ Quanta 6 wireless system can be used to solve a wide range of tasks, including backhauling for 4G/LTE base stations and video surveillance systems, providing Internet access to remote sites, creating corporate networks of geographically distributed organizations.

In order to find devices datasheets please follow to the company website.

Quanta 70

Quanta 70 is a brand new addition to the Infinet Wireless Point-to-Point product portfolio, operating in the 70.5-76 GHz frequency band. Quanta 70 delivers real throughput of up to 480 Mbps using a 125 MHz channel size and can operate at distances of up to 20 km.

This spectrum is lightly licensed or sometimes even unlicensed in a number of countries and therefore enables the deployment of high-density networks in urban areas, with nearly zero interference.

Quanta 70 can operate either as a high-capacity access solution or as a backhaul for WISP networks deployed in urban areas. It is also fully suitable for building-to-building connectivity and in campus networks for enterprises of all types and sizes.

In order to find devices datasheets please follow to the company website.