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  • The redistribution function is performed by one of the routers in the network. Both dynamic routing protocols must be running on the router. In the example below, the redistribution is performed by the BS2 router.
  • The redistribution is a one-way process. In the example below, Protocol 1 is configured on BS1 so that it transmits the routing information received by BS2 via Protocol 2.
  • To make the redistribution bi-directional, it is necessary to configure it for both protocols used by BS1
  • The different  dynamic routing protocols have also different distance values and metrics that must be transformed during the redistribution:
    • distance: the value is assigned to the protocol to which the redistribution is performed. In this example, for the routes towards the networks and the distance value 1 will be set;
    • metric: each route imported into a dynamic routing protocol from external sources has a fixed metric value. During the routing information distribution about the networks and by protocol 1, BS2 will set for them a certain metric value used by protocol 1. In this case, the metric values used by protocol 2 will be ignored.

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Figure 1 - Routing information redistribution