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  • The wireless device should be placed on the pole at a height that is at least 1 meter below the top of the pole. In this case, there is a significant probability that the lightning strikes the pole and not the wireless device. The pole should be properly grounded: connected to the building lightning protection circuit according to your local regulations.
  •  All equipment must be connected at stabilized and surge protected power sources which must be properly grounded.
  • The end of the FTP service cable that is connected to the power supply should be assembled with a shielded RJ-45 connector. The other end of the FTP service cable (connected to the wireless device) should be assembled with unshielded (standard) RJ-45 connector.
  • The power supply is grounded via a three-conductor power cord and a grounded socket.
  • AUX-ODU-LPU-L, AUX-ODU-LPU-G and wireless device grounding is performed using grounding bolt.
  • Antenna pole and wireless device should be connected to the common ground ring. Grounding cables should be no less than 10AWG thick and must use corrosion-resistant connectors. Grounding bolt is included in the supply list, M6x10 for BS devices, M5x10 for ST devices.

Requirements to the lightning protection unit AUX-ODU-LPU-L location