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Table of Contents

No access to the device

LED Indication

Pay attention to the LED indicators on the device:

  • Power - power indicator. Working condition: green - normal, red-fault.
  • Link/Activity - the indicator is located in the bottom row of all Ethernet ports. The indicator lights in yellow if a connection is established and flashes when data is received or transmitted.

If the power and Ethernet port indicators are off, check the integrity of the power adapter, power cable, the Ethernet cables and the RJ-45 connectors. Replace the power adapter and the cables if necessary.

Ethernet Interface statistics

Web interface

If you able to access the device by connecting directly, try to determine the possible reason for the unavailability through the network. Pay attention to the interface statistics. In order to do this, go to the "Device status" section of the web interface and open the "General statistics" window for the Ethernet interface in the "Interface statistics" section. Pay attention to the CRC errors number, as they indicate a violation of the data integrity during the transmission over the wired segment. The description of the parameters for a complete diagnostic is available in the "Device status" article. 

Command line interface

If there is no access to the device's web interface, run the "ifconfig eth0" command to get statistics via CLI. The description of the parameters for a complete diagnostic is available in the "Ifconfig command (interfaces configuration)" article.

Duplex mode

Pay attention to the duplex mode on the network devices connected to the device. This information is available in the the web interface. Proceed to the "Device status" section → "Interface statistics" and open the "General statistic" for the Ethernet interface, or run the "ifconfig eth0" command in the command line interface. We recommend to set the auto-negotiation mode provided by the Ethernet standard. The problem can occur due to the connection between two devices with different duplex settings. For example, if one device is in auto-negotiation mode and the other is in fixed full duplex mode.

No access to the connected devices