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Technical User Manual
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InfiNetInfinet Wireless R5000 - Web GUI

Web interface is a friendly management tool of InfiNet Infinet Wireless R5000 unit. Using Web interface, you can easily:

  • Monitor device interfaces statistics
  • Monitor radio link statistics
  • View and change device configuration
  • Access the graphical antenna alignment tool
  • Run wireless link throughput tests
  • Perform device maintenance and support
  • Access the Spectrum Analyzer tool
  • Access the system log
  • Monitor DFS operation.

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About This Manual

This manual provides detailed technical information on the operation of the Web interface (guidelines for the use of all sections and futures) of InfiNet Infinet Wireless R5000 series. The manual provides also step-by-step guides for the routine tasks and basic scenarios like: setting up a basic PtP link, setting the MAC switching options, using “test” configuration, firmware upgrade, etc.

This manual is designed for individuals who prefer using a graphical user interface (GUI) for configuring and managing InfiNet Infinet Wireless R5000 series devices. It is intended for the following audiences:

  • Customers with technical knowledge of and experience with IP networks
  • Network administrators, who install, configure and manage InfiNet Infinet Wireless R5000 series devices.

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