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Telnet daemon makes it possible to remotely configure and manage a router, and more generally to execute any operation system commands in the same way as it is done through the console port.

Telnet daemon starts automatically when the router is switched on.


td {enable | disable} RHOST[/MASKLEN]
td start | stop | flush | [no]log


stopStops the daemon operation.
startRestarts the daemon.

Remote Telnet access becomes only possible from the explicitly specified IP-addresses (one host specified per each "td enable" command, up to 10 hosts enabled at the same time).

  • "RHOST" permitted IP-address.
  • "MASKLEN" mask length.
disable RHOST[/MASKLEN]Retires from a remote host a previously granted access authorization.
flushFully clears the current telnet daemon configuration.
[no]logEnables / disables the message recording at the system log.


Set an IP-address "" as the only one from which access to the system will be permitted.

td enable