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Wireless device

The wireless device contains both the radio and networking electronics. Implemented in a robust all-weather metal enclosure, this equipment can be used to create point-to-point wireless links at distances in excess of 20 km (depending on weather conditions, interference, terrain, climate zones, etc.). The wireless device is supplied in the following configuration:

  • Lens antenna with 39 dBi gain.
  • Cassegrain antenna with 50 dBi gain.

Lens antenna


Cassegrain antenna

Q70-50 Hardware

Grounding bolt

For grounding the wireless device to the supporting structure.


Quanta 70 has network combo port: gigabit Ethernet and SFP. Only one port can be used for data transmission at a time.


Please note, the SFP port has priority in case both ports are enabled.

Gigabit EthernetRJ45 socket for connecting to power supply and data transmission. The network connection to the wireless device is made via a 1000BaseT (Gigabit) Ethernet connection. Power is provided to the device over the 1000BaseT Ethernet connection using a standard IEEE 802.3at passive PoE power supply.
SFPExternal optical Gigabit port for plugging of the optical SFP transceiver module.



Power and wired statuses indication is performed via glassy plug of the cable gland.

RSSINumberRX Signal value

Values on the RSSI LED are displayed in negative (-) dBm. For example, 90 represents a received signal level of -90 dBm. Lower values indicate stronger received signal levels.

— —Wireless link is not established

Gigabit Ethernet


FlashInitializationThe LEDs on both ports light up with white on second. Then LEDs check is performed: red, blue, green are lightened up sequentially.
FlashLoadingOnly for Gigabit Ethernet port: at the beginning green is lightened a few seconds, on the second loading stage switches to blue.
ON/BluePowerOnly for Gigabit Ethernet port.
ON/RedSpeed 10 MbpsOnly for Gigabit Ethernet port.
ON/YellowSpeed 100 MbpsOnly for Gigabit Ethernet port.
ON/GreenSpeed 1000 Mbps

ERConsole stage

Port with the established link lights up with green, the second port remains blue.
Ethernet Indication

Part number description

Quanta 70 part number has the following structure
Quanta Part Number_1

Structure items are described below

1Product family name:
  • Q - Quanta.
2Frequency range:
  • 70 - device in the range of 70 GHz.

  • 39 - antenna with 39 dBi gain;
  • 50 - antenna with 50 dBi gain.