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The "Security settings" section allows to configure device access and security settings.

This section includes following subsections:

Administrator access

Here you may change system administrator account login and password, to change the identification data, click the "Change admin password" button. We strongly recommend you to set a login and password after the first login to the device.

Figure - Admin access

Radius AAA

Here you may configure a device access control using a remote RADIUS server.

AddressSet the RADIUS server IP address.

Set the RADIUS server port.


Set the server password.

Figure - RADIUS parameters

Command line interface

Allows to enable / disable remote device control by the command line using Telnet and SSH protocols.

SSH (Secure Shell) protocol provides secure remote control to network devices. Its functionality is similar to the Telnet protocol, but, unlike Telnet, SSH encodes all protocol messages, including transmitted passwords. By default, only access via Telnet is enabled.

Figure - Access protocols

Network access whitelist

This section is used to create a list of subnets from which access to the device will be allowed.

Figure - Network access

Radio authentication settings

Units at both ends of the wireless link should authorize each other before link establishment. Access key must be up to 64 characters long, without spaces and must be the same at both ends of the link.

Unit parameters description