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This document describes how the safely apply settings works in the nfiLINK XG / InfiLINK XG 1000 devices configuration starting from the software version "v1.7.13".


Safely apply settings allows you to prevent access loss to the remote device when you perform radio settings changing. The settings will be finally applied only in case the wireless connection is successfully work for a certain period. This option is enabled by default if a wireless link is established and cannot be disabled starting with the software version "v1.8.0".

Principle of work

The established wireless link is the mandatory requirement for the safely apply settings work, while the "Export settings" function may not be enabled.

After applying settings, if the "Export settings" is enabled, both devices are synchronized to determine the time of wireless link establishing attempt (time 1) and checking the already established link (time 2). Upon the checking time expiration of the already established link (time 2), the connection will be considered successfully established, the configuration will be saved. Otherwise, the device will be rebooted and the previous configuration saved under a certain slot will be automatically restored.

Time value:

  • time 1: attempt to establish a wireless link: 2 sec x frequencies number in the grid + 60 sec.
  • time 2: checking the already established wireless link: "restore time" parameter is set in deviсe configuration, 5 minutes by default. 

Safely apply settings algorithm is given below.

Safe mode


time 2 settings
xg -config-restore-time X
Config version restore settings
xg -config-restore-index X