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Successfully pass the free certification exam at IW Academy and become an Infinet Certified Engineer.

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InfiMONITOR NEXT is the monitoring system for the wireless networks based on Infinet Wireless devices. The monitoring system provides network administrators with complete up-to-date information about the functioning of the whole network and of the separate network nodes, and allows to deal with the incidents in a timely manner.


InfiMONITOR NEXT monitoring system is in the beta testing stage. The stability and the ability to update of an installed system are not guaranteed. The beta version is for reference only and is not intended for commercial use.

For stable operation use the InfiMONITOR monitoring system.

We will be grateful for the help in testing the product. Please send your wishes and detected bugs to our technical support service.

InfiMONITOR NEXT is the current name of the new monitoring system, but it may be changed in the future.

About this manual

This manual contains detailed technical information about the functionality, commissioning process and management of the InfiMONITOR NEXT monitoring system.

The user manual is intended for the engineers responsible with the wireless network's operation. The engineers that configure the monitoring system and operate with it should have experience and knowledge about the network technologies and about the wireless data transmission.