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Successfully pass the free certification exam at IW Academy and become an Infinet Certified Engineer.

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InfiLINK Evolution is a wireless point-to-point solution with an impressive maximal performance of up to 670 Mbps, InfiMAN Evolution is a wireless point-to-multipoint solution with an impressive maximal performance of up to 800 Mbps. It operates in 5 and 6 GHz frequency ranges: from 4900 to 6425 MHz and supports the channel width 10, 20, 40, 80 MHz with exception for models E5-BSI-L and E5-BSE-L that don't support 80 MHz.

Base Stations can be used with:

  • a dual polarization integrated antenna with an antenna gain 16 dBi and 21 dBi;
  • an external antenna connected to two N-type ports using low-loss RF cables.

Subscriber terminals and PTP devices can be used with:

  • a dual polarization integrated antenna with an antenna gain 18 dBi, 23 dBi, 25 dBi and 28 dBi;
  • an external antenna connected to two N-type ports using low-loss RF cables.

and operates in LOS and non-LOS conditions. OFDM radio technology is used for data transmission.


  • Automatic Modulation Control (AMC) – modulation control algorithm selects the most appropriate modulation-coding scheme in order to maximize the link performance.

  • Automatic Repeat Request (ARQ) – a technology which enables packet re-transmission in case of previous unsuccessful delivery, allows to achieve reliable connectivity even in highly congested spectrum.

  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) – a technology which allows to extend the life of devices and optimize energy consumption.

  • Automatic range detection - the guard interval optimal for the actual distance is automatically determined.


  • MAC/IP filtering.

  • RIPv2 / OSPFv2 /static routing.

  • Tunneling (Ethernet‑over‑IP, IP‑over‑IP).

  • L2/L3 Firewall.

  • NAT (multipool, H.323‑aware).

  • DHCP client/server/relay.

  • Stacked VLAN support (Q-in-Q) avoids the limitation in the number of available VLANs (4096), which can be useful for large networks. In addition, Q-in-Q allows you to organize L2 channels within a limited VLAN list, which is widely used in provider networks and on leased communication channels.

Quality of Service

  • 17 priority queues.
  • IEEE 802.1p support.
  • IP TOS / DiffServ support.
  • Full voice support.
  • Traffic limiting (absolute, relative, mixed).
  • Traffic redirection.


  • Operating temperature range -40 ... +60 ºС, in an extended temperature range: -55 ... +60 ºС.
  • Dust and water protection in compliance with IP66/IP67.
  • Wind load up to 160 kph - operation, 200 kph - survival.
  • Build-in lightning protection according to the standards:
    • IEC 61000-4-2: +/-4kV (contact discharge), +/-8kV (air discharge);
    • IEC 61000-4-4: +/-0.5kV
    • IEC 61000-4-5: +/-1kV (line-to-ground), +/-0.5kV (line-to-line);


The device has following electrical parameters:

  • Consumption is up to 20 W for base station sectors ( 30W for E5-BSQ) and up to 15 W for subscriber terminals.
  • Power options: 90-240 VAC~ @ 50/60 Hz, ±43..56 VDC.
  • 802.3at support or Infinet Wireless proprietary passive PoE.
  • AC/DC injector:
    • IDU-CPE-G(56W) is included to the packing list of E5-BSQ model.
    • IDU-CPE-G(24W) is included to the packing list of all other models.

Compatibility with InfiLINK 2x2 / InfiMAN 2x2

Compatibility with R5000 series makes it possible to seamlessly upgrade the network and hop to Evolution families


InfiLINK Evolution / InfiMAN Evolution devices in the “transient” mode are guaranteed to work only with devices based on the H08 and H11 platforms of InfiLINK 2x2 and InfiMAN 2x2 families devices. Work with devices based on other platforms, for example, H05, H06 and H07 is not guaranteed.