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Successfully pass the free certification exam at IW Academy and become an Infinet Certified Engineer.

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The packets received through the wired interface can be marked with a specific 802.1p priority.

Set 5 priority according to 802.1p for the traffic received on VLAN 100.

The 802.1p priority assignment takes place only for the incoming packets with 802.1Q tags (VLAN tags) at the wired interfaces.

  1. In the section "Switch" configure Connectivity Matrix.
  2. In the section "Switch" → "VLAN-based Switching" enable VLAN-based Switching.
  3. Click the “Add VLAN” button, "VLAN 2" is added by default. 
  4. Modify the value for the VLAN tag according to the actual requirements.
  5. Select VLAN mode.
  6. Set the priority for the selected VLAN.
  7. In the section "Radio" → "Radio Setting" enable "Traffic Prioritization".

Figure - Priority assigning

Figure - Enable Traffic Prioritization