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The "loadm" command allows to estimate the load of a network interfaces specified by interface parameters. By default, the information is displayed in one line and is updated every second. The load is measured in Kbit/s.


loadm [-b] [-m] [-l] [-p] [-w delay] interface




-b Displays values in thousand of bytes per second.
-m Displays results in Megabits or Megabytes (with enabled "-b" option) per second.
-l Displays information line by line.
-p Calculates average packet size.
-w delay Specifies time interval between updates (by default 1).


For the rf5.0 radio interface the "loadm" command shows the total channel load, and not only given device traffic. On a client unit, for example, not only that unit's own traffic affects its rf5.0 interface load and is taken into account by the loadm command, but also the traffic between the base station and other client units. In other words, the channel being observed comprises in this case the totality of a cell traffic (generated by several mutually affecting units on the same frequency).

Therefore, the real load of the unit is better to see on its eth0 interface.


 Display the load of the interface "rf5.0" line by line.

loadm -l output Copy
Figure - Example of the "loadm -l rf5.0" command output