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High precision mounting kit MONT-KIT-85P allows to make reliable and easy installation and enables extremely accurate adjustment on azimuth and elevation for optimal wireless link performance. Compatible for Quanta 5, Quanta 6, InfiLINK 2x2, InfiMAN 2x2, InfiLINK Evolution, InfiMAN Evolution, InfiLINK XG, InfiLINK XG 1000 families units. Especially suitable for installing high-gain antenna models that have a narrow beam.

Packing List

MONT-KIT-85P Packing List

Assemble Procedure

Step 1: Insert and tighten the Assembled kit on the back side of the device using bolts M6x14, washers flat 6 and washers spring 6.

Step 2: Tighten the Assembled kit and Bracer to the pole using bolt M8, washer flat 8 and washer spring 8.

  • Bolt M8x50 - used for installation on a pole with Ø 30 ... Ø 55 mm.
  • Bolt M8x80 - used for installation on a pole with Ø 55 ... Ø 85 mm.

Step 3: Perform required antenna alignment using adjustment knobs and then tighten nuts M8.


M8 nuts are pre-tightened at the manufacturing facility in a position that allows the device to be adjusted using the adjustment knobs and ensures that the wireless device does not shift during the final nuts tighten.


If further adjustment is required, weaken the nuts M8 on about 15 degrees. Do not adjust the knobs without weaken the nuts first.


Mounting is carried out on a pole with a diameter 30 ... 85 mm. There are also possible options for mounting on a wall or pole with a diameter more than 85 mm.

MONT-KIT-85P_Wall mounting_ENG


Clamps and other optional fasteners are not included in the mounting kit MONT-KIT-85P.