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Successfully pass the free certification exam at IW Academy and become an Infinet Certified Engineer.

To the certification exam

When you first log into web-interface of InfiMONITOR NEXT you will see the interface of initial setup:

Initial setup allows you to configure the key parameters of the monitoring system:

  1. A user account with the Superadmin role.
  2. The device group name for autodiscovered devices.
  3. Email settings for user notification about incidents.

At the first step of initial settings you need activate the basic license of the Free type. This step is required and cannot be skipped. After installation is completed you can change license to Trial or Enterprise on the settings section.

Click on the "Activate" to go to reading the text of license agreement.

After reading the text of license agreement click on the "Accept" to proceed to license activation.

Copy the activation key and go to the Licensing center by clicking on the "Go to CA".

Click on the "Manage" to view the list of licenses in the Licensing Center. You should use your IW Passport account to authorize in the licensing center. Please be careful because requested licenses will be issued to the organization and person specified in your user profile.

To create a basic license click on the "Create Free License". Find the created license in the list and click on the "Select".

After that paste the activation key in the appropriate field and click the apply button. Copy the generated license key and return to the initial setup interface in the InfiMONITOR NEXT.

Paste the license key into the appropriate field and click the apply button.

The license has been successfully applied. Click on the "Continue" to continue initial setup.

On the second step you will create a user account with the Superadmin role. This is the main administrative account assuming full access rights in the monitoring system.

Fill in the required fields and click on the "Continue" to proceed the creation of SNMP profiles and Email settings. These settings are not required to start the monitoring system, so they can be skipped and configured later. You can read about how to do this in the "System Configuration" section.

At the final step of initial setup you need specify the names of two groups of devices (for more details see "Devices and links"):

  • Default group;
  • Automatically discovered devices.

After completing the initial setup your InfiMONITOR NEXT will be ready to work.