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Some device modes and options can significantly affect the link's stability and throughput.


In case that the MINT software version is installed on the devices, make sure that "Polling" mode is enabled. This mode improves the efficiency of the radio medium usage and avoids collisions. In addition, to improve the wireless system's efficiency, we recommend updating to the software version having support for the TDMA technology. A detailed description and the benefits of each software version can be found in the "TDMA and Polling: Application features" article.


The "Greenfield" mode allows to reduce the frame preamble during the transmission over a wireless connection, increasing the link performance by 10-15%.

Autobitrate and ATPC

To keep a balance between the wireless link's performance and the retries number, we recommend to always set the "Bitrate" parameter to "Auto" mode. Also enable the automatic transmit power control (ATPC) in order to increase the operational life of the devices.

Frame size

If the device has a software version with TDMA technology support, make sure that the selected frame size ensures the best performance for your wireless system. A short frame will transmit less payload than a long one, however it ensures a smaller delay. A detailed description of the frame sizes in the TDMA technology is available in the "TDMA and Polling: Application features" article.

Packet retries management

The "Turbo" and "SCS" modes are available in the TDMA software version, which allow to increase the wireless link throughput in case that the degradation is caused by a large number of errors in the radio.

Detailed information about the radio parameter configuration via the web interface is available in the "Link Settings" article and in the "InfiLINK 2x2 / InfiMAN 2x2: Initial Link Configuration and Installation" or via CLI in the articles: "mint command (TDMA version)"/"mint command (MINT version)" and "rfconfig command (TDMA version)"/"rfconfig command (MINT version)".