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The "General settings" section allows to configure basic system parameters, described in the table below.

This section includes two main csubsections:


These parameters are used for identification and link authorization.

Device nameThe arbitrary wireless unit name which will be used by network administrators for unit identification. It will be shown in Web GUI side panel.

Figure - Unit parameters


Starts the SNTP time synchronization service. For proper operation, specify the SNTP server time zone and the IP address first. By default, the SNTP service is disabled.

SNTP server address
The SNTP server IP address, the SNTP service will synchronize the time on the device with. The device must have network access to the SNTP server.
Time zone

The time zone at the place of device installation. For example: GMT + 5.

Figure - SNTP settings


Allows to transmit syslog data to the server using the "syslog" protocol. Specify the syslog server address where data should be transmitted.

Figure - Syslog configuration