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Successfully pass the free certification exam at IW Academy and become an Infinet Certified Engineer.

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ProblemDebugging steps; possible cause & solution
The wireless link is operational but no data is being transffered1) Go to the "Maintenance" page and check the Maximum transmit rate in the current license
2) Go to the "Switch" page and make sure that the internal port mapping is correct and the traffic flow is enabled between the required ports
3) Go to the "Switch" page and check the administrative state of the GE or SFP port. Enable the port if it was disabled. If the status is up but no packets are received, check the configuration of the equipment which is directly connected
4) Go on site and check the Ethernet or SFP connections, check and replace the cables if needed
5) If VLANs are used, go to the Switch page and make sure that the VLAN configuration is correct, allowing the specific traffic VLAN ID to pass through the required ports

6) Report the problem to InfiNet Wireless support team with the Diagnostic card.


Diagnostic card can be created in the web-interface in "Maintenance" or with Commands for diagnostic card creation.

+7 343 253-15-33

Table - No data is being transffered


If there is no data transfer via one of the device ports (GE0 or GE1), the second port can be used as a backup for data transfer.